About Us

My Adopted Treasures is all about Sustainable Fashion. Clothes can stay in the universe and out of the landfills, making people happy and making people look good. Caring for our Body and our Planet one Treasure at a time.

Prior to My Adopted Treasures I was the founder of Pure Pops by Fairyella that was dedicated to my mother, who passed from Cancer. After 7 years of growth and hard work , the Pandemic hit and I did everything I could to stay in business. But like many small businesses I had to make the hard decision and close shop. I have always been an entrepreneur and took the advice from so many people to start selling my thrift treasure’s because they were amazed by the things I found.

I wanted a business that stayed true to myself, was still sustainable and could give me the flexibility and freedom to be a mom to my three children. This is when My Adopted Treasures was born.

Why My Adopted Treasures you're probably asking yourself? Being adopted at the age of six weeks and knowing my mom was given the treasure of a lifetime she had always wished for is why I named my company and keep her legacy alive. It felt very fitting. I love finding unique treasures that have been tossed and forgotten. They still have so much beauty and life to give, so I am now sharing them with you so they can be lovedagain and now be your Adopted Treasures.

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